Skype lessons

I am currently accepting students from around the world for Skype guitar lessons. I play guitar in a variety of styles but my main niche is fingerstyle guitar as well as music theory applied practically to the guitar. The guitar lessons are aimed at anyone who are willing to dedicate the time to practice. The most important factor is your motivation to learn, not how good you judge yourself to be at this moment.​

Feel free to contact me at any time if you want to know more.

Salomon is a very intelligent and technical player/teacher. Taking lessons from him have opened up different worlds for me to be able express myself in my playing and understanding of the instrument. Lessons were very clear and concise, as he works hard to create lessons to tailor your needs and goals in playing guitar. Overall, best investment I've made in my musical journey! Thanks Salomon!


I took a couple lessons from Salomon. The lessons were very well structured and planned to my request. The preparation material was well written and explained. I have learnt new approaches to music composition and how to use music theory more efficiently. I have learned quite a lot and really had fun during the lessons, I really recommend taking some lessons from Salomon!

United Kingdom                 

I enjoy the lessons with Salomon. He teaches me harp harmonic from the fundamental concepts to application! He is always an example for me to think outside the box, every time I don't have idea to work out harp harmonic, he can do it and explain to me! If you like play music in logical way, you will enjoy the lesson with him!!

Hong Kong

Here is how you do it:

  • Step 1. Send me an email and tell me what you are interested in learning.
  • Step 2. I get back to you and we try to find a time when both of us are availabe.
  • ​Step 3. You tranfser the funds.
  • Step 4. The first lesson begins!