In the Valley of Notes

“Salomon has produced a very fine instrumental guitar album. He has technique, tone, and passion laced together with very mature writing. You can hear classical influence, groove, and dream-like weaving throughout. His musical sensibility is instantly recognizable.”
Ewan Dobson

“…Listened to your stuff the other day while driving in the city and was blown away! Your writing is really colourful and expressive! Well done my friend :-)”
Calum Graham

“I really like it man! Great job. Beautiful technique. The harmonics in Sargasso Swells are really great. I love your sense of harmony, the chord changes are really cool. Keep up the great work”
Joe Robinson

“It’s wonderful to see all your songs back to back. They sound lovely and I can hear the mix of influences in your playing. Very tasty.”
Maneli Jamal

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