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2nd prize at Uppsala International Guitar Competition!

Uppsala International Guitar Competition

Last night I was awarded the second prize, 7000 SEK, at the Uppsala International Guitar Competition.

“Salomon Jakobsson displayed a confident and relaxed stage persona, and showed his creative style as a player and composer. Inspired by the Michael Hedges school of Fingerstyle, he also showed some fine compositional skills in his beautiful piece ‘Sargasso Swells”.”

The winner was Carlotta Dalia, a classical guitar player from Italy.

It’s been a great four days at the Uppsala International Guitar Festival, full of concerts, workshops and clinics with legends such as Leo Brouwer, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Marco Pereira and Frank Gambale.

Copenhagen Guitar Show 2017

Copenhagen Guitar Show 2017

I had the fortune of being invited to perform my music at the Crafton booth during Copenhagen Guitar Show, Denmark. I had a really good time performing on my Ibanez AE900-NT and met lots of guitar players from all over the world (Bumblefoot was the headliner of the year!). I also did a clinic about what acoustic strings to choose together with D’Addario product expert Magnus Olsson.

New cover of ‘Time 2’ on YouTube

I recorded a cover of Time 2 back in 2011 and ever since then I’ve wanted to record a new, better (and faster) version. I borrowed a delay pedal a from a friend a few days ago and here’s the result.

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The video and audio is recorded through a ZOOM Q2HD. The guitar is plugged into a BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay pedal going into a Tanglewood T6 amp.

Professionally recorded video for Introspective (Insanity)

A few days ago I met up with Mockingbird Productions to record a music video for my song Introspective (Insanity). The end result was way better than I excpected.

If you enjoy the music I have good new for you: Introspective (Insanity) is part of my debut album ‘In the Valley of Notes’ which contains even more of my original fingerstyle guitar music! You can listen and buy the audio files in lossless and MP3 format (a great way to support!) from: All the information and links necessary to find the music on other sites will also be available here on the website. If you want to order physical copies of the CD, just send me an email through the contact form here on the website. Thanks for the support!

In the Valley of Notes – Album Preview (Fingerstyle Guitar)

I recently released a preview video of my upcoming debut album on YouTube. The album consists of a collection of acoustic solo fingerstyle guitar songs primarily representing the music I wrote during my teenage years (the only exception being Sargasso Swells that was written at 20). All music was played live on a single steel stringed acoustic guitar without metronome and with as little editing as possible. If you want to support my music, you can pre-order it through the ‘Music’ secion here on this website.

Instagram guitar videos

For those of you who don’t know, Instagram is an app for phones and tablets that lets you share photos as well as 15 second videos (I mainly use it for the latter). The community is constantly growing and it is totally transparent if you allow it to be so. Anyone on the planet who also uses Instagram can therefore, if the right conditions are set, find and interact with your content. You don’t even need the app to see it as you easily can watch in your browser as well.

If you want to see the content I’m uploading I suggest you to visit this website: or keep an eye out on the Instagram section to the right side of this website. I tend to upload reguarly, sometimes once everyday so feel free to follow me on Instagram if you use it, but if you don’t and still want to watch the videos, just check the link or this website every now and then to hear the new music.

The instagram feed is also down below!

Video: Introspective Insanity (Original fingerstyle song)

Here is a song I wrote earlier this year that is a bit crazy but at the same time serious. Instead of recording the audio first and then making a play-along video I decided to play and record everything at the same time. What you hear is essentially what it sounds like to hear me play in person.

The genre of this song is a bit difficult to define. I think of it as a combination of music I sometimes enjoy listening to, with a dose of extra fun added to it – video game music, metal music, some tango, horror music and a tiny touch of “reversed” djent.

My debut album, containing 9 original songs, will be released in February. Stay tuned, sign up for the newletter.