A complete instrumental dramaturgy. Well arranged cinematic storytelling. Impressive precision and a top notch performance.

Musik Direkt 
Imagine Sweden

The musical journey of Salomon Jakobsson didn’t start for real until the age of 13 when he in secrecy started playing an acoustic guitar at home. Not knowing too much about the instrument but still having a musical background in violin the first music he played was music he wrote himself.¬†These small musical sessions eventually grew larger and larger. Not too long thereafter the guitar became electrified and classical guitar lessons were undertaken. After about 1,5 years of playing he discovered the intricacies of the steel stringed acoustic fingerstyle guitar via YouTube and decided to dedicate most of his efforts into learning that style.

Now, years later full of practice, gigs and success in music competitions, he has finally released his debut album ‘In the Valley of Notes’ (2016). The album consists of music written during the initial musically formative years. You can order the physical CD’s from this website. For previews as well as links to digital versions, click here.